List of specific terms used across Morpheus Platform and this documentation.
Admin Portal
Part of the Web Portal where admins and realm managers can manage Universes, Profiles, and Places
Interactive 3D object that can be spawn in a Place and then manipulated with. E.g., microphone, photo frame, table.
Artifact Manifest
Part of the Module Manifest, describes one item of the Module, specifically an Artifact
Artifact: Address
See Address
Artifact: Decorator
Wearable Artifact which enables its wearer to spawn, move, resize, and remove Placeable Artifacts. See Decorator Module
Artifact: Grabbable
Kind of Artifact that can be held in the Avatar’s hands. E.g., microphone, cocktail, decorator.
Artifact: Placeable
Kind of Artifact that can only be manipulated with the Decorator. E.g., photo frame, table. See Decorator Module
Artifact: Portal
Placeable Artifact through which Users can quickly move between Worlds of one Place or within a single World. See Portal Module
Artifact: Slug
See Slug
Artifact: Wearable
Kind of Artifact that can be attached to the Avatar”s body. E.g, wearable mic, decorator
3D representation of a particular user.
Avatar Manifest
Part of the Module Manifest, describes one item of the Module, specifically an Avatar
Avatar: Slug
See Slug
Content: Bundle
Set of files required for a particular module. Includes a Manifest and Unity Asset Bundle files for each platform
Content: Folder
Media and other content is organised in folders which can be named and ordered arbitrarily
Content: Media
Images, PDF documents, and audio which can be displayed by Media Module artifacts such as photo frame.
Content: Prefab
Unity Asset embedded into the Morpheus app
Content: Template
Unity Template by using which Content Creators can create assets for Platform Modules, e.g., Worlds or Artifacts
Geometry Data
Unity Asset Bundle-based asset for a World. Legacy starting Release 6.
Guest Invite
Invite URL which allows for many registrations.
Congratulatory gesture which can be performed by 3+ Avatars. See Social Module
Invite: Personal
Invite URL which can be used only once.
Landing Area
Area inside a particular World where Users can arrive either entering a Place or using a Portal
One or many Universes served by the same Metaverse Backend
Metaverse Backend
Server-side software that stores and provides all data about a Metaverse
Module Config
YAML file of the same format as Module Manifest; used to set up which Artifacts can be spawned in a Place, and to override module properties when needed. See Module Configuration
Module Manifest
Text file in YAML format, describes content of the Module and provide meta information such as name or author
Module Registry
Universe-level list of the Modules which can be used in the Universe’s Places
Module: Address
<universe>.morpheus.place/module/<module>/<artifact> formatted string by which a particular asset (World, Artifact, Module, etc.) can be found. Starting Release 6.
Module: Slug
See Slug
Morpheus Apps
Desktop, mobile, and VR apps through which users experience Morpheus
Morpheus Platform
White-label metaverse platform developed and supported by Morpheus XR
Pairing Code
Six-digit numerical code generated on Web Portal during onboarding. Used once to pair a particular device (e.g., headset or phone) with a User account.
Four digit numerica code set by the User, protects the User from impersonation.
Unit of storage and access control; when Users join an experience, they visit the Place where this experience is being hosted. Place can host one or several Worlds.
Place Instance Server
A virtual machine on which runs the software for a particular Place. Turning of an Instance Server makes the Place inaccessible.
Placed World
World that is being hosted in a particular Place
Platform Module
Self-sufficient package of one or more assets such as Artifacts and Worlds
See Universe. Legacy term.
Role: Admin
Metaverse-level role which givese a User access to Admin Portal.
Role: Facilitator
Metaverse-level role which gives a User facilitator capabilities such as force mute, manipulating slides, and spawning facilitator artifacts.
Role: Realm Facilitator
Universe-level Facilitator role.
Role: Realm Manager
Universe-level Admin role.
Technical term, a short unique alphanumeric string used in URLs and addresses
Create a particular Artifact inside the app.
Spawn Point
A Landing Area where newjoiners are placed
Unit of storage and access control; one Universe comprise one or several Places, list of User Profiles, and some Content.
Real-life person who is using one (or several) Morpheus Apps to visit Morpheus Metaverse
User Profile
Record about a User in a particular Universe. In this Universe, the access is given not to Users but to their Profiles
Web Portal
Customisable website for user onboarding and administration
White-label Solution
Fully customised solution to the point it being completely independent
Interactive 3D environment that can be hosted in a Place for its visitors to experience. E.g., magic forest, headquarters.
World Code
Three-words code that defines the destination — a Place for the User to join.
World Manifest
Part of the Module Manifest, describes one item of the Module, specifically a World
World: Connectors
Configuration of how areas marked in a World Asset are mapped on the Placed World’s features such as Portal destinations or interactive Behaviors. Available starting Release 6.
See Placed World. Legacy starting Release 6.
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