Roles and Access

Morpheus has several features to manage access and permissions: Universe roles, Universe invites, and Place whitelists.


There are only two Universe-level roles:
  • Realm Manager has web access to the Admin Portal.
  • Realm Facilitator has in-app access to a separate Module Configuration, set in the Content section of the Universe.
NB: Each of these roles has access only to one of two group of features: either ‘web’ for managing Universe or ‘in-app’ for working with more powerfull tools during the experience.
There are also global ‘admin’ and ‘facilitator’ roles which cover all Universes and used by support personnel.

Invites and Public Universes

Each Universe can be marked as public or invite-only.
  • public means that everyone can register in this Universe and get the User Profile (which then used for white-listing, see below).
  • private Universe can only create profiles by generating invites in Admin Portal. Invites can be personal (for single use) or guest (for multiple use).

Place White Lists

Each Place can be marked free access or protected. This setting governs which User Profiles (hence users with those profiles) are be able to join the experiences in the Place.
  • free access Places are available for all User Profiles in the Universe. Very useful for invite-only Universes: once users are invited, they can visit all free access places.
  • protected Places require the User Profile to be in the Place's white list. Useful for holding private sessions.