📦Modules in Places

This document covers where the module manifests and configs should be located to enable modules’ functionality.

Each Universe has its own Module Registry with manifests of modules available for use in the Universe. But if you want to use a module in a particular Place, it’s not enough to have Module Manifest in the Registry.

Configuring Modules for a Place

In order for the module to work in a particular Place, its Module Config (or whole Manifest) should be made available in one of the Content Folders. Please read Media Module for documentation on the Content Folders.

Each Place has its own tab in the Admin Portal which provides access to Content Folders. Configs or Manifests should be uploaded in one of the folders in this tab; it doesn’t matter which folder.

Modules in All Places

Modules can be made available in all places of the Universe. It is done via the same system of Content Folders.

Each Universe also has its own list of folders, and any module or config uploaded in those folders will become available for the Facilitator role.

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