📄Module Manifests

Manifests describe packages of custom content for Morpheus

Module Manifest is a simple text file in JSON or YAML format that describes a particular Artifact, World, or set of those. Below is a very simple example of a Module Manifest which describes a module with two Artifacts:

assetId: asset.morpheusxr.car
name: Car
  preview: https://storage.googleapis.com/xmorpheus-public-assets/artifacts/previews/v2/car.png
  - artifact:
      id: car.ford
      data: data.uZ_dpln_mTUK3IGmeb46H.JOmjpVD5l-eEYrzAkvAUQ
  - artifact:
      id: car.bmw
      data: data.onveouruohpfpp9gfwpwi.orvouqv90ar9e0pf97vgr

As a Platform Module can contain one or more assets, all of them should be described in the content section using different kinds of Manifests

Module Manifest Parameters

ParameterUsage, format, examples



Used to map a Module Config on a particular module.

  • assetId uses Java notation com.companyName.moduleName.

  • address uses notation universeName.morpheus.place/module/moduleName


Human readable name of the module. Used in the upcoming Marketplace and as a fallback for the names of the module contents


Structure with different meta data that is used in Marketplace and as fallback. Same structures are expected in the contents of the module.


URL for the preview image for the Module; when Module is configured for a particular Place, this image also used in-app for spawning module contents.


List of one or more manifests: Artifact Manifest, World Manifest, Avatar Manifest.

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