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Concepts describing web counterpart to Morpheus apps, through which users register, create avatars, find and join places.

What is Web Portal?

Morpheus Platform comprises apps for various devices, the Metaverse backend where all content is stored, and the web portal, a website for certain administrative and onboarding features.

Some of the platform capabilities are better experienced via flat rectangular text/layout oriented interfaces of desktop computers and mobile phones. For example, registering via secure identity provider like Google, or uploading custom media content.

We aim to minimise the footprint of such capabilities in VR and, therefore, in apps. Instead, we expose these features via the web portal.

Features Exposed via Web Portal

Web Portal comprises several capabilities:

  • Onboarding flow for new users: starting from invite link, they are guided through authorisation by Google/Facebook, avatar creation, and pairing of their devices.

  • Personal information and avatar management: once registered, users can change any of the information they have provided as well as their ReadyPlayerMe-based avatars.

  • Navigation across Places: branded place pages with shareable URLs.

  • Administrative features: creating invites, assigning roles, creating places etc.

Onboarding Flow for New Users

Users can register by themselves or via invite links provided by admins. Users are asked to authenticate with a trusted identity provider (Google/Facebook); provide their name, job title, bio; create an avatar; and pair their device(s).

The very important part of the flow is device pairing. To connect their device to their account, users need to launch Morpheus app on that device and enter the pairing code provided on the last step of the onboarding flow. This could be done separately from the overall onboarding, making it two-step process.

One account can be paired with one VR headset and any number of mobile/desktop apps. One VR headset can only be paired with one account. Pairing can be cancelled from each side.

Each Place has a landing page of its own. The name of the Place is displayed on that page alongside with the visual panoramic image of the place. There is also β€˜Join Experience’ button which allows users to guide their headsets to the Place of their choosing.

The Web Portal also provides a list of all Places of the selected Universe, so users can browse and explore the metaverse they are invited to.

Morpheus Metaverse space is structured in Universes: separate areas, each of which with their own administrative and access controls and portal customisation.

Web Portal of each of the Universes is located on a separate domain like yourcompany.morpheus.place. For white-label solutions fully custom domain is also possible.

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