🎨Decorator Module

This module provides tools for manipulation large objects like furniture and decorations.

Why Decorator

Morpheus Worlds, albeit interactive, have fixed amount of contents which was bundled into the World’s Unity Asset Bundle. While in the real world, it is often needed to add something to such world: bespoke furniture, holiday decorations, signage, other artifacts like Mirrors, Screens, Globes as such.

By their design, Artifacts are designed to be not just interactive but also transferrable. While the furniture or decorations isn't something that should be moved around by anyone. We could implement this as β€˜role set,’ adding an interface for granting roles. This setup would have led us into those static roles be either not wide enough or too narrow.

It is very convenient in many cases to have a special Artifact that embeds this functionality. While a person holds a Decorator, she can move and resize things. Those things are called β€˜Placeables’ as they are intended to be placed somewhere and not moved afterwards unless there is a need to redesign the space.

Decorator Tool

Decorator Tool is a wearable Artifact. It can be attached to the user’s torso.

When the tool is held in hands, it projects a thick ray with which the user can grab any Placeable Artifact, move it around, rotate in any axis, copy, and remove from the World. The ray, being part of the world, is visible for everyone.

In addition to the transportation ray, Decorator extends the user Heads-Up Display (HUD) with resize capabilities. When the Decorator is attached, its wearer can point their β€˜laser hands’ to a Placeable Artifact, click on it β€”Β then the resize controls are shown.

Some of the Placeable Artifacts (such as Slide Screen or Globe) only allow for proportional resize while others (such as Mirror and Portal) allow for free-form resize. Some of the artifacts (such as any furniture: chairs, tables, and such) don't allow resizing at all.

Placeable Artifacts

With this module come a set of furniture: various tables, sofa, lectern, stones; a set of visual effects: butterflies and fireflies, and some other objects (the list is constantly being extend from release to release).

Other modules also contain Placeable artifacts:

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