Platform Architecture

This page breaks down Morpheus Platform into key components and provides short descriptions for them.
Morpheus Metaverse Platform comprises several components:
  • Unity-based Apps available in Windows Store, Apple App Sore, Google Play and Oculus AppLab.
  • Unity-based Place Instance Servers which host virtual worlds and other places.
  • Metaverse Backend where uploaded media, user profiles, and information about places are stored.
  • Customisable Web Portal which guides the onboarding of new users, provides landing pages for particular worlds and places, and allows for access and content management.
  • Platform Modules, an extendable repository of all platform content including world templates, core artifacts, and experience-focused bundles of features.

Platform Architecture Diagram

Multi-platform App

Morpheus platform is available on desktop for Windows PC and macOS, on mobile for Android and iOS, and on spatial devices Meta Quest 2+. Support for Apple Vision Pro and other VR headsets is pending.
VR version of the Morpheus App allows for full immersion in virtual reality and provides the full spectrum of features for regular users, world builders, and facilitators. Desktop and mobile versions allow for full participation in the experiences, yet some of the features which require direct manipulation, like world decoration, aren’t available on non-VR devices.

Place Instance Servers

Each of the virtual worlds (and other places) is supported by individual Unity-based Instance Server which allows for multiple users participate in the same experience. Instance Servers support voice chat and provide necessary access management, synchronisation, and integration functionality.
One Place Instance Server is capable to support up to 20 online users, that is up to 20 participants in the same experience. The capacity can be increased by setting a particular Place into the dedicated mode, in such case its server can handle up to 50 online users.
Place Instance Servers are managed by the Metaverse Backend: they are created automatically on demand and suspended while not in use.

Metaverse Backend

Metaverse Backend stores all persistent information such as: user profiles and avatars, uploaded custom media content, configurations of Universes and Places. It also manages Place Instance Servers: starts them on demand and suspend when not needed.
Metaverse Backend provides RESTful API via which developers can access the stored data and make changes, for example, prepare Places based on calendar invites or upload content from third-party storage. This API is used by the Web Portal as well.

Web Portal

Web Portal support the onboarding of new users: accepting invites, providing access credentials, creating avatars. After the onboarding, Web Portal serves as navigation tool across Universes to which the users have access.
Web Portal can be customised for each tenant to a large extent by changing colour palette, uploading logos, and even selecting a custom domain name.
Next to onboarding, Web Portal implement administrative features: creation and configuration of Places, uploading media content, managing access. These features are available on role basis per each tenant.

Platform Modules

Last but not least, Platform Modules implement most features of Morpheus Platform: custom world templates, various interactable objects. For example, Voice module includes different microphones; Media module provides displays and in-app audio players; Decorator module provides various furniture and decoration tool to place it.
Platform Modules are stored in the module repository managed by Morpheus Backend. They can be created and uploaded to the platform and made available for a specific tenant, thus allowing for full customisation of the platform capabilities. Those modules might included (but not limited to) animated 3D logo and branding assets; bespoke worlds, buildings and furniture; interactive toys; scale models of products and technics; and many more.
For deeper insight into technicalities of Morpheus Platform, please contact us. Our product team will gladly answer your questions.