🙍Avatar Manifest

Avatar Manifest describes custom avatars that can be used in particular Universe or Place.

NB: Avatar Manifests are available starting from Release 7. Documentation below is intended for the developers who participate in Early Adopters programme.

New Manifest format is used, no backward compatibility with the format of R5.

Simple Example of a Module with custom Avatars

url: core.morpheus.place/module/avatars
name: All available avatars
- avatar:
  slug: rpm
    SDK: readyPlayerMe
    version: 2
- avatar:
  slug: invisible
  platform: none

This is the default Module Manifest for Avatars currently supported by Morpheus. Below there are only Avatar Manifests from the module.

- avatar:
  slug: rpm
    SDK: readyPlayerMe
    version: 2

Avatar Manifest Properties

ParameterUsage, format, examples


Used in Module Configuration.


Should be one of the Avatar platforms supported by Morpheus. Setting this property to none means no avatars will be shown — users will be invisible.


Name of the Avatar platform.


Version of the Avatar platform API (if several are supported).


URL for a forced Avatar model (if supported by the chosen platform). If set, all users will be given the same model of the avatar.


Bundle Resource (URL+version) which defines a Unity Package bundle. If set, all users will be given this asset instead of avatars.


Slug of a particular Morpheus user. If set, all users use the avatar of that user.


Behavior Channel, users of which are assigned the forced avatar.

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