🚢Release History

This documentation describes Release 6. This page covers all major releases of the Platform.

Release 6 ‘Platform Interactivity’

  • Platform Modules: Behavior Framework, World and Artifact Manifests. Introduces URL-based adress scheme for Modules.

  • White-label Solutions: on-premises setup, separate custom-branded apps, custom domains.

  • Release is currently in development. Features are published separately to ensure fast delivery. See Release 5 vs. Release 6 for currently unsupported features.

Release 5 ‘Artifact Modules’ — July 2023

Release 4 ‘More Artifacts and Worlds’ — March 2023

  • Built-in artifacts: Mirror, Portals, 360° Panoramas, Post-Its and Dots, Web Browser, Decorator with lots of Placeables.

  • In-app Experience: Windows support, desktop apps published in stores.

  • Full-body avatars with legs and free walking.

  • Large variety of worlds developed and made available on the platform.

  • Scalable instance server architecture allows up to 50 users participate in single experience, and even more — with dedicated servers.

Release 3 ‘Custom Worlds’ — October 2022

Release 2 ‘Core Artifacts’ — March 2022

Release 1 ‘Virtual HQ’ — October 2021

  • Large and detailed Virtual HQ world is available for clients.

  • Scalable instance server architecture allows to create unlimited number of Places and invite up to 20 users in one Place simultaneously.

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