White-label Solutions

Morpheus Metaverse Platform provides several degrees of customisation covered in this section.
The platform allows for white-label usage which means it provides a capability to customise its look and feel as well as onboarding and app installation processes. The goal of such customisation is to detach the platform from its own brand and make a strong connection with a brand of a client instead.
White-labeling fits the use case of a company that wants to own their own metaverse and fully control not only its content but also the look and feel of their apps and other parts of the product.
There are several degrees of white-label solutions Morpheus offers:
  • Custom in-app content such as virtual worlds and objects;
  • Branded onboarding and portal website;
  • Custom domain name for the website, e.g., metaverse.yourcompany.com;
  • Branded apps for some or all device platforms;
  • Fully detached server setup on-premises.

Custom In-app Content: Virtual Worlds and Objects

Morpheus Platform allows content creators to upload custom virtual worlds and add interactable objects. Using these capabilities, a client of Morpheus can customize their own metaverse to make it look like their virtual offices or products, or to reflect the brand via immersive storytelling.
Read more in the section For Content Creators.

Branded Onboarding and Portal Website

Certain capabilities of the Morpheus platform are accessible from its web portal. It includes the process of registration and onboarding of new users as well as creating avatars and moving between different places.
Morpheus platform allows to customise the colour scheme of the website, to replace backgrounds and even the introductory guide on the metaverse.
Read more in section Web Portal » Customization.

Custom Domain Name for the Web Portal

By default, the web portal is accessible via third-level domain name like youcompany.morpheus.place where yourcompany is selected by the client of Morpheus to match their brand or other needs.
If that isn't enough, further customization is possible: the web portal can be made available on any domain name, such as metaverse.yourcompany.com.

Branded Apps for Some or All Device Platforms

Morpheus app is available on all devices: Meta Quest 2+ for VR, Android and iOS for mobile, and Windows and macOS for desktop.
For the purpose of white-labeling, a separate version of the VR app can be released with custom in-app branding and separate store page. Same can be done for other device platforms, desktop and mobile. This approach allows Morpheus clients to distribute their own apps making the experience fully on-brand.
The white-label metaverses will still be accessible via universal Morpheus app — if the user has proper access permissions (managed via Web Portal admin features).

Detached Metaverse Server Setup

For clients who prefer to host their metaverse themselves, the fully detached metaverse server setup is possible.
Metaverse Backend servers can be set up in the private Google Cloud account of the client and setup a separate database for user profiles and all media storage. In this way, there will be no connection between main Morpheus Metaverse space and the private metaverse of the client.
To support such solution, the full set of apps must be branded for the client (see above). Reach out to our support team for details.