Admin Features

Management of users, worlds, manifests etc. is available via Web Portal
The Web Portal comprises two main section:
  • User Onboarding, Place Navigation, and Settings — for end users and guests,
  • Admin Portal — for things like managing users and invites, uploading media and 3D content.
In order to access the portal, the user should have ‘admin’ or ‘realm manager’ role.

Managing Your Universe

For each of the Universe you are an admin or realm manager, you will see the following menu:
  • Places — manage Places in your Universe, pause, resume, delete and add them.
  • Appearance — change how does your own Web Portal for end-user look.
  • Profiles — invite people to you Universe and give them roles.
  • Account shows the status of your client account with Morpheus.
  • Content — into this section all media is uploaded to be used via Media Module in all Places in the Universe.
  • Asset Manifests — see Module Registry.

Managing Places

For each Place in your Universe, you are provided with this menu:
  • Media — this is the section for both Media Module and Module Configuration content
  • Access — allows you to limit access to this Place by a white list of users.
  • Appearance — to change how your Place is represented on the Web Portal and on the App Launch screen.
  • Zones — this governs Worlds which the Place comprises, and their destination areas for Portals.