🌎World Manifest

Avatar Manifest describes custom avatars that can be used in particular Universe or Place.

NB: World Manifests are available starting from Release 6. Documentation below is intended for the developers who participate in Early Adopters programme.

New Manifest format is used, no backward compatibility with the format of R5.

An Example of World Manifests

A simple World Manifest (embedded in Module Manifest)

address: core.morpheus.place/module/sauna
name: Sauna

- world: sauna
    address: core.morpheus.place/bundle/<id>
    version: 28

A very complex World Manifest:

address: core.morpheus.place/module/sauna
name: Sauna

- world: sauna
    address: core.morpheus.place/bundle/829729749374
    version: 289273
  - connector: main # main destination
    connectorName: spawnAreaConnector
    previewUrl: https://..360.png
  - connector: balcony # destination area on the balcony
    connectorName: balconyAreaConnector
    rotation: 120 # arrival rotation
    previewUrl: https://..360.png
    previewRotation: 76 # ΠΈ preview rotation
  - connector: pool # (e.g. can have waves)
    connectorName: poolFxBox
  - connector: door # (e.g. can be opened)
    connectorName: doorAnimatedObject

- behavior: water-fx 
  scriptName: areaEffectScript
  connector: pool # connected to the "pool", operates interactively

- behavior: count-entrance
  scriptUrl: https://...script.php # :)
  connector: door # executed when something happens with the "door"

The Behavior Manifests are covered in the Behavior Framework.

World Manifest Properties

ParameterUsage, format, examples


Used in Module Configuration. Can be simplified β€” put right after world resource type.


Same as in Module Manifest.


Bundle Resource (URL+version) which defines a Unity Package bundle. That packages contains 3D environment that becomes a world where users move and interact.


A list of Connectors: specially tagged objects in the Unity Package to which different interactive features are connected such as destinations and effects. For example, connectors are used as landing points for Portals.


This label is found inside of the Unity Package; everything that is described in the connector, is linked with the labeled object(s).


Human readable name of the connector for use in UI.


When the connector is used as destination, this value determines where arrived users will be facing.


A link to an 360Β° panoramic image which is displayed in Portals (and can be used for other purposes).


Rotation of the preview (which is helpful in case the preview was shot from a wrong angle.

NB: the Behavior Manifests are covered in the Behavior Framework.

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