🎨Portal Customisation

Admins of a Universe can customise look-and-feel of the Web Portal as well as their domain.

Customising Names

Each Universe has their name which is managed via Admin Portal.

Web Portal of a particular Universe is located on a separate domain. By default, the Morpheus metaverse exposes Web Portals on the domains like yourcompany.morpheus.place. The third-level domain part is customizable via the Web Portal.

For fully white-label solution, using an arbitrary domain name like metaverse.yourcompany.com is also possible.

Customising Look-and-Feel

Visual customisation of the Web Portal allows admins to tune the portal color scheme and backgrounds as well as upload their company's logo.

Customising Metaverse Intro

One of the steps of the Onboarding Flow gives the users an introduction to key Metaverse concepts. It is a presentation of several slides which can also be customized in a white-label solution.

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