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Morpheus is a white-label metaverse platform developed and supported by Morpheus XR.

What is a White-label Metaverse Platform?

It is a platform that provides a white-label solution for the spatial business presence. Much like a website, but in the Metaverse.

Internet once was a kind of a frontier. Those who were the first to recognise its potential of transformation, became the leaders of the digital industry or lead their own industry into new era.

Today, Meta and Apple together create new generation of devices that transform the way people interact with technology and each other. While Apple is focused on spatial computing, Meta aims for virtual reality, but both those concepts converge: it is time to turn away from small flat displays and embrace the world of mixed reality which is called the Metaverse.

Morpheus has its own vision for the Metaverse: Metaverse Primer.

The Metaverse Platform

The Metaverse, akin to the Internet, is a space shared by many organisations (including Meta, Apple, Google, but not limited to), none of which can rightfully claim the title β€˜Owner of the Metaverse’. People visit the Metaverse to play games, meet with each other, attend events and conferences, come to museums... and to businesses.

To connect with people in the Metaverse, businesses should establish their presence in this new spatial world. There are many platforms to do it: Roblox, Sandbox VR, Decentraland, Spatial VR, and others. Morpheus is just one of them, but a special one: it provides a white-label solution and focuses on high-fidelity experiences for everyone.

White-label Solution

Does a business want to become a small section in the vast world of Decentraland or a part of the Spatial VR’s catalog? Or is it better to truly own a piece of the Metaverse: be in control of what is happening there, make sure that the experience is fully on-brand, starting from separate apps to enter it?

Morpheus allows its clients to fully customise their metaverse environment: not only to create bespoke virtual worlds, but also customise the registration process, publish dedicated branded apps in the stores, and even run the server software on premises.

Read more about our White-label Solutions.

High-fidelity Experiences for Everyone

Does a business want present their employees and guests a square-headed avatars of Roblox or present their brand in cartoonish environment of Sandbox VR? Or is it better to immerse audience of both potential and real clients into high-fidelity virtual worlds?

The technology behind Morpheus Platform allows content creators make immersive interactive worlds with stunning graphics and effects. Morpheus XR additionally curates its content providers to ensure high quality of environment and objects in it.

Next to it, Morpheus provides apps for all platforms: desktop (Windows PC, macOS), mobile (Android, iOS) and spatial (Meta Quest and Apple Vision, pending). It allows everyone to participate. Morpheus puts additional focus on spatial VR experience, because both research and practice show it is the most impactful way of connecting with information, people, and brands.

User interfaces of Morpheus are designed for ease of use and require minimal learning.

All in all, here is what professionals say about Morpheus:

"Morpheus truly is closer to the Platonic ideal of a virtual world than any other VR environment I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen a lot!”

β€”Β Leslie Shannon, the Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting @ Nokia

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Or jump right into the details

Morpheus XR

Morpheus XR is an US-based company which develops and supports the Morpheus Metaverse Platform.

Morpheus XR offers a portfolio of products built on the platform:

  • White-label metaverse solution for businesses to set up their metaverse presence with minimal effort.

  • Trade-show stand package that allows businesses to supercharge their trade show and conference stands with compelling and immersive experiences.

  • Virtual conference package for online conference organisers to go beyond Zoom webinars, especially effective for panel discussions.

  • Diverse set of trainings and workshops led by professional facilitators from the network curated by Morpheus: from meditation to diversity and inclusion trainings to leadership workshops and even to compliance trainings.

  • XR Collaboratory think tank for selected enterprises looking into the future of spatial computing and AI-powered collaboration in extended reality.

More information on the Morpheus XR can be found on the website: www.morpheusxr.com.

You can also contact us directly with any questions.

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