⛩️Portals Module

This module provides mean to travel within one Place.

Why Portals

Not only some Worlds can be vast and spaceful, but also one Place might comprise several of them, for example: a magic forest, large headquarters and a set of independent small meeting rooms.

To travel between different worlds and within one world as well, Portal artifacts are introduced. All of them are resizable and placeable.

Portal Gates

Portal Gates is a baseline kind of the portal which looks like β€˜portal surface’ surrounded by thick borderβ€”hence the name β€˜gates.’

A person holding the Decorator Tool can move the portal around and then, attached the decorator to her chest, can select a destination for the portal.

Destinations are setup in the Admin Portal. They can be either predesigned as part of the World, or set manually to specific coordinates.

Behind the β€˜portal surface’ inside the gates a 3D preview of portal’s destination is shown.

Borderless Portals

There are two borderless portals which differ only by shape. One is rectangular, and another looks like an arched passage. Besides lacking the border, these portals behave exactly like the Portal Gates above.

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