🎥Behavior Framework

Behavior Scripts are ‘plug-ins’ for Morpheus.

Behaviors are custom programs external to Morpheus Platform. They implement event-based interactivity of Artifacts. Artifact developers can extend platform functionality using behaviors to make complex features out of simple blocks. For example, Scoreboard is a Content Display that changes its text every time it is hit by a Boxing Glove.

Behaviors are ‘plugins’ of Morpheus.

Why Behaviors

True platform should allow not just to add different kinds of Content like Worlds and Artifacts, but also to implement interactive behaviour of such Content. This must be done neither by changing client apps nor by changing backend servers.

Third-party Artifact developers should be able to make interactive objects and host their code (scripts) on their own servers. And our platform should give them tools to connect those scripts to Artifacts.

Behaviors focus on separation of custom interactivity from platform features. They use Channels for interoperability, Planes for visibility, and Messaging for connecting custom scripts with internals of Morpheus Platform.

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